Chicken with balsamic fig sauce


Or some such title. I’m too darn lazy to go back and look it up. The carrots are made with a cumin dressing. Very easy. Not sure, though, whether I loved them enough to do it again. The salad is yet another of my uninspired spinach concoctions. You can never say this family doesn’t get enough of its spinach!

I love balsamic vinegar, but tonight I discovered just how easily it can splatter on everything. My new white t-shirt has little vinegar spots all over it.


And now back to my work, which I should be doing rather than updating my lame ol’ website.

One thought on “Chicken with balsamic fig sauce”

  1. white t-shirts are the raison-d’être of food-in-motion; this always happens to me too!
    and isn’t “harrumph” a perfect word? 🙂

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