Just not a beer girl

His drink on a warm spring evening

I guess I’m one of THOSE girls. The frou-frou-drink type. Beer, as good as it smells, has always made me twist my lips in distaste whenever I drink it. And I tried plenty of times to embrace it as a college student. I would nurse a bottle for an hour, ’til it got warm and even more distasteful. So, rather than waste it, I learned to order wine or a margarita. Both yummy. Both pleasant. Both much more my style.

Still, it sure does look mighty pretty with a frothy top and poured so nicely into a souvenir Red Lion glass, doesn’t it?

3 thoughts on “Just not a beer girl”

  1. The other day I tired the new one Micolob (sp) Amber Ultra Lite and for a beer it was good but @ 2.75 in a local taveran why not have something I really like.

  2. it LOOKS delicious, but i don’t even think it smells good, and one glass has me running to the Ladies’ every few minutes.
    i’ll stick to white wine, thanks. 🙂

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