First off, there are no simple solutions

Disclaimer: This photo may not be used as a demonstration of my newfound understanding of creative lighting — its sole purpose is to provide a title for today’s post

I know that there’s some expectation that I should be putting all of the lessons I learned in my Nikon class to good and immediate use. The reality is that I have to slot those into the regularly scheduled chaos that is adult life.

Still, I did get one thing checked off of my camera to-do list: I finally, a year after purchasing it, read the manual for my SB-600 flash. This is a beauteous thing because I was able to configure the settings so I could use the flash off-camera and experiment with the light. On my list now? A stand and an umbrella. Oh, and a browser, monitor calibration equipment and some new lenses. Ha! Like that’s going to happen anytime soon.