Beware of flying cat!

Looks innocent enough, doesn’t she?

The kiddo went wee-wee (or pee-pee or whatever anyone wants to call it) on the toilet at daycare the other day. For the first time. Major milestone. And he’s been increasingly concerned with his bodily functions in the past few days, repeatedly pointing out when his nose is stuffed or when he’s gone poo-poo.

Encouraged by his new forays into toilethood, I decided to gear up the potty training here at home. During a diaper change this afternoon, I asked him if he wanted to sit on his potty. He practically ran in there he was so excited.

I picked him up so I could pull the potty out into a good spot and open up the lid. As I bent down to grab the lid, a furball rocketed around the corner and into the bathroom — and smashed right into my forehead. Before either of us figured out what happened (although I’m sure she STILL has no idea), Lucy had ricocheted off of my now-throbbing eyebrow and scampered back down the stairs from whence she came.

I had tears in my eyes it hurt so bad.

Dev was just staring at me with incomprehension. I positioned him on the potty, then put my hand up to my eyebrow to assess the damage. Lucy had actually bonked me so hard that I now have a small bruise. I bet she does too because she also rammed into the edge of my glasses while she was at it, nearly knocking them off my head.

There IS an explanation. My cat isn’t totally psychotic. What she was after was a drink of water. She and Maggie both stalk me occasionally, hoping I’ll turn on the faucet in the bathroom so they can drink from it for a bit. She’d heard me go into the bathroom and immediately turned off all of her other senses. She’d hit me mid-leap to her normal spot on the bathroom counter, poor confused cat.

It’s hilarious in retrospect, as most things are. But it’s most funny because who, besides me, can say that a cat plowed into their forehead at 15 mph while they were bent over putting their kid on the potty? Not a soul, I bet!