Yep, I survived

But barely!

My child’s fierce and ferocious entry into full-fledged toddlerhood would just happen to coincide with the timeframe when I was tending to him solo, wouldn’t it?

To be honest, he was a very good boy. His temper tantrums are living large, though, and I was stressed out by a number of other factors: DIRTY house, DEMANDING client, LATE-RETURNING husband, and the fact that I was unable to get started on my holiday decorating. Oh, there’s more I’m sure. Once one little thing sets me off, you’d think my whole life was falling apart. I’m a drama queen, after all.

Although my house is still a pigsty and my decorations are still firmly packed in their boxes, my husband did eventually make it in the front door and I hunkered down (resentfully) and finished the copy for the d*mn brochure. Grumble, grumble, grumble.

So semi-peaceful conditions now reign in the household, to be broken only by the sound of the vacuum when I return home this evening. And any ranting and raving that may erupt if I get another email about the d*mn brochure. (Word to the wise: DON’T chose a career as a copywriter!)