So just how scatterbrained am I?

A couple of weeks ago, my son’s daycare teacher sent home a sheet of poster board with each family. The aim was to get everyone to put some family photos on it and make it look nice and cheerful for the classroom. Fair enough.

Because I shoot digital and it takes me FOREVER to get my photos developed, I knew I’d have to put the poster board in a safe place where it wouldn’t get all bent and dinged up before I had a chance to do my thing.

Well, I can tell you that I put that poster board in a very safe place. So safe, in fact, that I CAN’T REMEMBER WHERE THE HELL IT IS!!!!

Why, oh why, does my brain desert me like this? Is there a pill I can take for this? Please do tell.

4 thoughts on “So just how scatterbrained am I?”

  1. I think you need to do the Memry game again. Just kidding! I’m like that too. I forgot that I had a load of laundry in the washing machine before we left for San Diego. When I complained that Melissa didn’t have enough clothes, my husband reminded me about her clothes in the washing machine. The funny thing is I completely forgot about it.

  2. Silly girl – just go purchase some poster board. Bring it in the house and try to find a place where you can put it so it doesn’t get all bent and dinged up. There you will find the original poster board! If you don’t find it, hey you’ve got a spare right in your hand.

    Don’t mention it – glad to be of service.

  3. Look behind the fridge or behind some door or under a bed or somewhere where you would have put it since you wanted it to stay flat. Think skinny flat places. 🙂

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