On being off-line

There are many reasons why I haven’t been so up-to-date with this site during the past few weeks. Heck, it’s hard to balance everything, which I’m sure everyone can understand.

But my biggest reason is a rather lame one: I’m addicted to Harry Potter. How insane is that?

When on a trip to Pooh’s Corner one afternoon with my son, I decided that, rather than buy him yet another book or toy, I’d buy something for myself. I’d been meaning to start the Harry Potter books for a few years. I’d heard enough good things from adults who’d read them. So I finally purchased the first book that day. A mere three weeks ago.

And I’ve been obsessed since them. I’ve read the first three books, and I’m already a quarter of the way through Number 4. (Which is a heckuva lot longer than the others!) It’s disturbing, really, to be rushing around at bedtime so I can get in some more time with the book. I love reading. Always have. But I feel a bit irrationally drawn to these stories. I even took Number 3 to work with me last week so I could finish the last chapter during my lunch hour. I NEVER do that!

Ah, well. My secret’s out.

The other reasons vary from lack of time to simple forgetfulness. I’m also convinced that I need to change things ’round here. I’d really like to separate out my photos and my narrative. Sometimes they work together; other times they seem sadly disjointed. I want to say something without having to force it to connect to a visual, and I want to continue to post my photos up here without feeling that I have to offer up an explanation.

Since that’s a big project in itself, it will have to wait. I mean, c’mon, the holidays are ALREADY HERE! Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away. Unreal. And I swear we have every freakin’ Saturday from now ’til Christmas booked.

So, yeah…free time? Hmmm. Not so much. But I’m not giving up on things here. I’ll be around. Just not as frequently as I’d prefer. And I wanted to let my diehard readers know what was going on behind the scenes. My wizard obsession and all. If you haven’t cracked one of the books yet, I suggest you try it. They’re mighty entertaining!