About Devin

Yes, Dev’s in the hospital. We’ve been told that odds are that this is a minor thing, a treatable infection. The problem is that they don’t know what caused the infection, so they haven’t determined the antibiotic that they can use to target it. As long as the swelling remains, he remains. And the current antibiotic isn’t working any magic yet.

I’ve received several emails from friends and family that I’m a bit too tired to answer tonight. I just wanted to use this space as an update. Please know that I received the emails and that I appreciate them. But 11 hours straight in a teeny-tiny hospital room with an 18-month-old who is getting increasingly bored with his new surroundings is a bit tiring.

Just send out some good thoughts that tomorrow will be his release date. We’re just so eager to have his smiling face back home.