Oh, what to do…

I haven’t been as motivated to update here lately. A natural thing, I believe. There are ups and downs in everything. Even things you’re passionate about. I’ve picked up the camera a lot less often in the past seven days — and it’s been kind of freeing actually.

I find that I get caught tragically easily in sitting semi-mindlessly in front of my computer. Whether I’m updating the site, reviewing the endless photographs I seem to take, or simply checking up on what everyone else has been up to. It can all be rewarding if done in moderation. But I’ve not been one for moderation lately.

Simply taking a smallish break opened up my time for feeling productive and a bit more lighthearted. I did some gardening (well, more like de-gardening since I’m tearing things down more than growing anything), I spent two hours with Stacy watching Lost, I plowed through hundreds of pages of a very challenging book about a volcanic explosion in 1883 (the man is trying to teach me about plate tectonics and subduction faults).

I did those few, but satisfying, things at the expense of this site and my photography obsession. And as much as I love writing down my thoughts and photographing my life, it felt pretty good.

I think I may have to schedule in mini breaks now and again to keep things fresh. Not just in this section of my life, but in every one. Maybe one week I just say no to reading (gasp!), for another I give up a different project. By giving something up, I gain something somewhere else. Well, hopefully.

I don’t know. I guess I have to just go with the flow. I have so many things on my want-to-do list and making time for them is a challenge. Even this site. I want it to change. I want to do something different with it. But the key is making time. At the expense of something else, of course.

I’ll be sure to keep ya posted!