Made you look!


Juliette came to us at nearly six months old. She was found with a broken leg, which the foster family had mended up nicely so she was none the worse for wear. But we knew right away from her demeanor that she’d been through a tough first few months. Men terrified her (still do to a point) and sudden gestures with your hands or arms sent her scampering. We deduced, as the foster family had, that she’d been beaten in some way.

Even more than the jumpiness and the wary approach to men, she’s super submissive. Although she’s totally loving and sweet, she won’t look you in the eye. Any photos I take of her are usually in profile, or slightly head-on with her eyes averted. I even took her to our trainer to attempt to work on this through clicker training, but neither Juli or I persevered, so she just continues to avoid eye contact.

As I was photographing Devin today, I did my usual coaxing to her. “Hey, Juliette! Yoo-hoo!” Nothing. She just presented me with her profile. Then I tried a new one, “Treat!” Wham! Her head whipped around and she fixed me with a direct gaze (and those BIG ears). I got this shot. I tried it a few more times and it worked like a charm. Funny that it took me this long to figure that out. Funnier still that her desire for a biscuit overcomes all of her submission that easily. Silly girl.