Things can always be worse

Scott and I found out yesterday that we’re going to have some decisions to make. Decisions that weren’t really on our radar ’til now. I get quite a bit unsettled by such things. Uncertainty and all that. Yet my browser is shouting all of these horrible headlines at me right now and I honestly can’t complain about the changes in my life. So many others have it so much worse.

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Update: Things can DEFINITELY get worse. I can’t believe what I’ve been hearing and reading today. People are shooting at relief workers who are carrying water to stricken areas? Hospital evacuations are being halted because of sniper fire? I know that many of the people who are still trapped in New Orleans and other areas are suffering and scared, but how does that lead to picking up a gun and shooting at people? People who are trying to help? I kind of feel like this whole thing is a weird nightmare that I haven’t woke up from. It’s so darn surreal.