Things can always be worse

Scott and I found out yesterday that we’re going to have some decisions to make. Decisions that weren’t really on our radar ’til now. I get quite a bit unsettled by such things. Uncertainty and all that. Yet my browser is shouting all of these horrible headlines at me right now and I honestly can’t complain about the changes in my life. So many others have it so much worse.

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Update: Things can DEFINITELY get worse. I can’t believe what I’ve been hearing and reading today. People are shooting at relief workers who are carrying water to stricken areas? Hospital evacuations are being halted because of sniper fire? I know that many of the people who are still trapped in New Orleans and other areas are suffering and scared, but how does that lead to picking up a gun and shooting at people? People who are trying to help? I kind of feel like this whole thing is a weird nightmare that I haven’t woke up from. It’s so darn surreal.

4 thoughts on “Things can always be worse”

  1. I know you’re probably gonna shout at me, but this is exactly the thing where we europeans use to ask: Why again are you giving all your people legal access to weapons?

    I’ve been very concerned about what is going down there but with all the latest shooting/killing news, I really don’t know what to think anymore. Shooting should be the last thing happening in such a crisis like this.

  2. Oh, no…I’m not gonna shout. I’m totally against guns and all of the arguments people offer up about protection and such. They scare the crap out of me really. Especially having a child in our house.

    It’s just all so insane!

  3. isn’t it a horrific situation? this kind of total inhumanity – and at a time when compassion and solidarity are called for – breaks my heart.

  4. Oh, I know, and also, an online freind of mine said that her uncle has to sit on his porch with a shotgun (he lives in Northern LA) to ward off looters and murderers who are breaking into people’s homes – the police can’t do a thing, they are scared of the people! I heard some are sneaking out in their civilian clothes!!!!!

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