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What we did, what we ate

Delish bruschetta from Bridge

The weekend sure zipped by. Always seems to happen when we have out-of-town plans. These two days took us to the east side of the state. First, to Northville, where we bunked with my friend Viv from high school and her gracious family. Then on to Warren today for FAC’s annual summer picnic. Luckily the storms passed through prior to the start time and the sky cleared up as we all began arriving. There was a wicked wind whipping the tablecloths around, though. Great entertainment value.

Plenty of culinary action as well. Our Saturday gathering included garlicky bruschetta, chicken stuffed with sage and mozzarella, homemade baked beans, and nectarine cobbler. Yum! And the picnic tables at the park today were loaded with food — both Korean and American dishes. I don’t have to mention that I’m stufffed, do I?

I took advantage of our adventures and put my brand-spankin’-new 50mm lens to work. I’m pretty darn happy with the results. Although the equipment is only as good as the operator of it, I must say. I blew some great shots. Lighting always kicks my ass, even though I’ve got a good understanding of it now. As does the darn AF setting. Servo? Continuous? Oh, whatever. I can never figure it out. Still, I was satisfied enough to post these at Flickr.