Sweet cheeks

Backyard garden art

I’m either a bad kid parent or a bad dog parent.

As Juliette and I were strolling down the street today, I realized that I’m now calling her by the little nicknames I’ve collected for Devin.

He’s my…peanut, pumpkin, sweetie, goober boy, bud-bud, and many more that just slip out and become regulars. And today, Juliette was also my peanut. Dogs just don’t seem as peanut-y as little boys do, do they? Sadly, I recalled at that moment that I’d also called her “sweet cheeks” a few days before. Dogs definitely do not get called sweet cheeks very often. They don’t even have cheeks! What was I thinking?

2 thoughts on “Sweet cheeks”

  1. All three of our animals have many of those “pet” names. Hmmm. Wonder if that’s why they’re called that?

    Jenny. JDog. Jennykins. J. JJ Jennykins. Jenny Jane. Jen. Jenny Poopskin (her fur is the color of babypoop?) JJ McGillicuddy.

    Majik. Majical. Sticky. Stinky. Stickwad. Majicat. Majical Hooper.

    Allie. Alice. Allie Joan. Sambo. Alleycat.

  2. Molly kitty is a “peanut”, too!

    Chance is “little old man”, “old boy” and as you can imagine “stinky boy”.

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