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Calling it a night

Perusing the metal sculptures

Today was a busy one. And since I woke up early after having gone to bed late, I never really recovered and spent the majority of it yawning. Still, we had a great breakfast with Stacy, Laurel and Laurel’s guy Paul. Dev was so great. He, of course, wolfed down what we shared with him. That would be the Cherie Inn’s morning special of Ciabatta French Toast (topped with warm peaches and pecans) served with a side of ham.

Then we headed to the Reeds Lake Art Festival and traipsed around, checking out art, dogs and the friendly ducks by the lake. Scott took Dev home for his nap, and the girls and I snuck on over to Jersey Junction for ice cream.

Afterward, I still had to head out to Rivertown in search of a new skirt (didn’t find one), a scarf (nope) and a gift for Renee (yep). I’ve decided that I DESPISE shopping. Seriously. Everything I like is too expensive; the stuff I can afford I hate. So I walked, zombielike, ’round and ’round the mall feeling more and more bummed out as I went along. By the time I made it back to the car, I thought I wouldn’t be able to handle the 20-minute drive home. I was that tired.

But I made it. And now I’m going to bed early. Hopefully tomorrow won’t be another huge yawnfest. It IS Father’s Day, after all. I’d love to be a bit more energetic as we celebrate. There’s a rumor that we may be dining at our favorite Indian restaurant. Yum.