Soggyness, sickness and kittyness

Four ears

So it pretty much rains every day now here in Michigan. Not just sprinklings or droplets of rain either. I’m talking serious downpours. My containers can’t drain the water out fast enough before the next deluge arrives. Crazy. I took Juliette out for her first walk in three days (poor girl…I feel badly about that) around lunchtime and looked up to see yet more dark clouds headed in our direction. And, yep, the rain came down about 10 minutes after we got back home. In sheets.

The weather hasn’t affected me that much the past three days because I’VE BEEN SICK YET AGAIN. Yes, that’s right. I got something that seems very much like strep throat (although the doc hasn’t called to confirm my throat culture yet). I started antibiotics yesterday, but didn’t begin to feel human again until today. Harrumph! I’ve about had it with all the stuff that keeps attaching itself to me. Luckily I was able to work from home for a few hours today.

I’ve forgotten, though, how many distractions there are around here. Productivity levels can’t stay at the maximum when cats are climbing around on the keyboard and printer or staging cat fights in the middle of my office. Hello! Go do that somewhere else, girls! They’re so naughty that they (well, Lucy I’m sure) ruined the nifty eye mask that I got during our stay in Chicago. She ate through the elastic thingy that holds it in place. Such nice felines I have!

Oh, and it looks like it’s going to rain yet again. Hurrah.