Friends & Family

Hippity hop, hippity hay!*

So the centerpiece of our Easter feast was my go at Greek Easter Bread…

I love the smell of percolating yeast

After eight minutes of kneading

Rolled out to the right length

I haven’t braided hair since I was a kid, so this part made me nervous

And after all that, I completely forgot to snap a pic of the finished loaf! It was good, though, spiked with the flavors of allspice and cinnamon. And the braided version in the pic above got quite a bit bigger in the last rise. Can’t have a good dinner without some good bread, eh?

Other highlights…

I smashed my toe on the corner of the kitchen wall. Then I dropped the butt-end of a knife on that very same toe. Then, while trying studiously to avoid coming in contact with anything else, I ran into my mom’s shoe with my already black-and-blue toe. Argh.

All the fixin’s got finished at the appropriate time. A first for us Smiths, I think.

We made WAY too much food.

It was a beautiful, sunny day. Plenty of time to enjoy the outdoors after the meal. Well, all except for Scott who slaved away cleaning up after us. Thanks, honey!

This is the look that says, “Yes, how embarrassing that my mom didn’t cut back the catmint before winter so it’s this hugely ugly pile of rubbish now that spring is here.”

*This was a phrase in a kid’s show that we happened to catch one morning during our trip to England. It involved some sort of rabbit and an English woman who was very excited about the rabbit. Although this happened some four-and-a-half years ago, we both still remember that line vividly. In the English sing-songy voice, of course.