A week of trying to fit it all in

Rather than show another muffin pic, I’ll show the prep instead

Baking. Again. Muffins. Yes.

I’ve got a good excuse, though. See, being a parent of a child in daycare requires you to be a bit more thoughtful than you might otherwise be. Especially when his birthday rolls around. Luckily other kids hit the milestone recently and I got a preview of what occurs on these occasions. I figured I was safe somewhere between Harrison’s cupcakes and Gabriel’s balloons. So banana-oat muffins it is.

And I dedicate myself to making these muffins during this hectic week of 1st-birthday prep. That’s just a fancy term for “trying to get our house spic and span before nearly 20 people show up to celebrate the big day when there’s not much time for spiccing and spanning.”

On top of that, I snuck off to Schuler’s last night to hear Stuart Dybek give a reading and to get his John Hancock on one of his books. Shorter than I expected, but nice.

Oh, and then there’s movie night with Tracy. Can’t forget that.

So, yeah…I’ll get the toilet cleaned, the balloons arranged and the cake picked up sometime before the first guest arrives. I hope.