He’s OK — really!

No, he’s not dead…he’s in a state of shock, I believe

As I watched Scott try very hard to get our car in the driveway this morning, I realized we wouldn’t be taking any field trips today. It’s been snowing for nearly two days straight and the wind’s whipped it all into some lovely, deep drifts.

Then an idea came to me. I could stuff the little prince into his never-used snowsuit, plunk on his hat, mittens, and boots, and cart him into the backyard winter wonderland.

Inspired, yes. Although stuffing him in and getting his fingers into the mittens brought about plenty of protests. But when we walked out onto the snow-covered deck, he was enthralled. I carried him around, then gently put his feet into the snow. He giggled. Then we chased Juliette around. He giggled some more.

Then I got a dumb idea. Photos! I needed photos of this event. Especially since he looked so darn adorable in that snowsuit. I had to document it, right?

So I hauled Junior back inside, grabbed the camera, flung it over my shoulder and headed back out. Poor Dev. I set him on the deck, in a sea of snow, then reached to remove the lens cap. He toppled backward. Not such a bad thing in the fluffy stuff. But certainly not a good thing when cold, cold snow falls onto your face. He looked dazed. I maneuvered him back into sitting position and snapped a few pics. Then capped the camera and took him back into the yard.

It all fell apart when I tried to get him to stand against a tree (a feat he can manage just fine inside the house and without all the layers). He toppled again, onto his butt. And more snow — a lot more — landed on his face. That’s when the sobbing began — and when our 10-minute winter adventure ended. With my luck, the kid will probably eschew snow for eternity!