Dreaming of sunshine

I just missed the shot of a beam of sun lighting up the top of this pile of snow. I’m always “just missing” shots!

It’s January. It’s cold. It’s dreary. My skin is dry and itchy. My hands are constantly cold. Even my poor cat has dry, flaky skin. Typical winter stuff here in Michigan.

I honestly love living in a four-seasons state. Sometimes, though, I feel trapped by the crisp air and crunchy snow. If I had a pair of snowshoes or some cross-country skis (which I’ve been promising to get every year), I’d probably bound happily into the frigidness. But as it is, I layer up with a sigh and take Juliette to the park, trudging along without as much enthusiasm as I’d like to possess.

Good thing we’re planning our annual jaunt to visit the in-laws in Florida. It will be a nice break from the coming three months of rest-assured coldness.