Clean-up crew

Lying in wait

My poor child is being forced to like animals. How can he escape, really — he’s surrounded here at home. And even the visit to grandma’s involves a dog.

Teagon, the dog in question, introduced him to face licks this past weekend. Juliette has been minding her Ps and Qs, sticking to ears and hands. Teagon had no qualms at all, though, about going in for the kill. Poor Devin. He wasn’t at all happy about doggie kisses all over his cheeks — even when the dog’s tongue doesn’t happen to be much bigger than his own. And she was relentless. My mother was beside herself trying to figure out how to keep the little furball at bay.

Good thing he had that trial by Yorkie fire, because Juliette has discovered just how yummy little baby cheeks can be. Especially after a meal of solid foods. I try my best to get the assorted flavors off of his face, but I apparently left some on yesterday and she was diggin’ it. She bathed both hands too. Now she sits patiently beside the booster seat to nab the teeny-tiny sweet-potato-covered fingers when he’s finished eating. Thank goodness for wipes. I now have to clean him after he eats — and after she does.

The menu is extending. He’s now enjoying rice and oatmeal cereals, sweet potatoes, carrots, squash and applesauce. It’s funny to watch him. When I finish spooning in the cereal and then switch to a veggie, his face scrunches up and he looks totally confused. It’s like his tastebuds can’t handle that abrupt of a change. As long as he doesn’t spit it forcefully back out, I know it’s OK to proceed. I’m still working on the green beans. He definitely spit those out.

Oh, and one other “is it bad” question…is it bad that on the counter, next to the drying baby bottles, we have a bottle of wine? Nah. I’m fine with it!