Gee, my hair smells terrific

From the archive: Rockford, Michigan

Like any new parents, we’re facing a cash-flow issue. So I started looking into where I could cut back. Beginning with clothes — and going from there. Painful as it is, I’ve pretty much stopped buying anything for me this last month. Not that I’m a crazy shopaholic normally, but every sweater I don’t buy equals something else we can buy for Booger Butt. (Like diapers, formula, and cute little clothes that will only fit him for a couple of months.)

Thus, I was quite pleased to learn that there are indeed hair-care products on department store shelves that give the same kind of results — if not better — than the ones I was paying top dollar for at my hair salon and such places. Who needs Matrix, Bed Head, TIGI, and the countless other $18 shampoos I’ve tried when I can pick up a bottle of Pantene Pro V shampoo and the cool Dove Conditioning Mousse, both for just $4. And I get tons of volume and pretty nice-smelling hair to boot. That, my friends, is a very satisfying feeling.