I can NOT sleep during the day

Awake and happy (this one’s for you, Gail!)

I’ve always been good at taking naps. I’d come home from work around 1:00 or 2:00 and the bed would be calling my name. But, mind you, these were short sleep sessions. I’m talking maybe 15 minutes or so usually. So when my best shot at getting a “good night’s sleep” is during the day, while Mr. Baby is sleeping his eight-hour shift, that’s not ideal.

I managed an hour yesterday. Then, BAM, I was awake. Today, just 45 minutes. So that leaves me a bit crumpled when the little guy wakes up all refreshed and ready for an evening of fun and games. Scott and I have been negotiating with each other to get by. I’ll go upstairs for a few hours, then come down and relieve him for his few hours. The result is that neither of us is very perky. The bright side is that we managed to hold him off ’til 3:00 today so he’s slowly moving his schedule back, day by day, hour by hour. Progress!