The things dads do

While he was sleeping

We didn’t know how big the little squirt was going to be when he arrived. As a precaution, anyone who’s been giving us clothes (mostly Grandma) has started at 12 months and gone up from there. He’s an average-size baby, though, so what we really need are the 9-month items. That meant a trip to the store last night in search of sleepers and some pants and shirts that would actually fit.

While I was away, Scott nabbed the camera for the above pic. He was pretty psyched about the Yankees-Red Sox game…obviously. Yes, we had the game on last night. We moved the pack ‘n play behind the futon so the little one was out of TV’s reach. So dad got his Sox fix (what a great moment!) while the boy and I played with all the toys he’s already accumulated. Not a bad way to wrap up a busy day.