Happy birthday, Pete!

One year along and he’s so much happier

So I headed to D&W tonight to pick up some fixins for tomorrow’s book club fete when I ran into Tonya from work. She introduced me to her gorgeous 120-pound German Shepherd, Darby, who’s four years old today.

Then I came home, put away the groceries, and puttered around the house before a random thought set off the click in my head — today is Pete’s birthday too! I’d competely forgotten, bad excuse for a dog mama that I am.

What a difference from a year ago. Pete’s so much more outgoing and comfortable now. When we first brought him home, I really had my doubts about how long it would last. I’ve never met such a nervous dog. Today we can open the refrigerator without him scampering crazily into the other room. We can turn on the faucet. We can even mow the lawn when he’s outside and he’ll be fine. But for some reason, we still can’t turn on the ceiling fan in the living room.

It’s OK, Pete. We’ll gladly live without the ceiling fan. Happy two!