Care package

Winging his way to Korea

During this excruciatingly long waiting period of our adoption, there are things that provide a bright spot. Such as decorating rooms, picking out teeny-tiny outfits, and watching your mother go ga-ga over the kid before he even arrives home.

There’s also the opportunity to send some gifts over to him. The FAC staff will be jetting off to Korea on 9/14 so we had time to select a few things for Devin and his foster mom, Mrs. Park.

Biggest item: disposable camera. I wanted to send two, but I thought that might be a bit demanding. I’m just hungry for more photos of him. The longer we go without the little guy, the fewer pics we’ll have of his babyhood. Drives me crazy.

We also included an overall/shirt outfit chosen by Daddy and this happy little turtle, both of which, we were informed, we’re not likely to get back. Makes sense. So many babies, so little stuff. I assume, based on other people’s experiences, that we’ll at least have pics of him in the outfit, playing with the toy, etc.

For Mrs. Park, I found a lovely little necklace with a heart dangling from the end. It’s hard to know what to choose for someone you’ve never met. With some suggestions from the agency, we also included some lotions, lipstick (has to be red, so they say), and tea. But how to you boil down your gratitude to those things? Knowing that she’s looking after him, keeping him safe for us, is so important. My hope is that we’ll be able to meet her someday and tell her in person how much we appreciate her.