4 thoughts on “Teagon”

  1. She/He looks so cute and fluffy. I don’t know if I’d like to have a dog though. My husband has wanted to own a labrador for many years now. But I always say no. Let’s see if the little miss asks for one.

  2. Oh no! Teagon is one of the names on our boy name list! A list that we unfortunately had to make because SOMEONE took DEVIN! 😉

  3. Marie, she’s very cute, but she knows it. That’s the worst kind of cute!

    Patti, I bet Teagon would work for a boy too. She came with that name from the family who had to give her up. Maybe they suffered from gender confusion.

  4. We probably won’t use it, because we would call him Teague, and when you say Teague then our last name, it sounds like yer choking!

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