I hope you dance

This would be a picture of Keb’ Mo’ except that they didn’t allow photography at last night’s concert

When I was in college, I dated a guy who was a former (and soon to be again) member of a local Michigan band called The Huntunes. They were high-school friends who loved to rock ‘n roll together. And whenever they played gigs in and around Kalamazoo, Paul always volunteered to help out with sound, lighting or to simply round up as many faces in the crowd as he could.

He loved their music. He would never miss a show. He was also not shy when it came to getting out on the dance floor and boogeyin’ away. Problem was, lame little me was very shy about it. I remember him trying very hard to get me out on the floor during one evening at Club Soda. I couldn’t do it. I wanted to. But not another soul would venture up front and the idea of just the two of us dancing carelessly in front of the crowd just didn’t sit well with me. So he went out there and danced by himself. And I sat there feeling as if I’d really let him — and the band — down.

Last night, during the Keb’ Mo’ concert, you could see people from the crowd gradually making their way down to the front of the venue and groovin’ to the music. Still, I sat up on the hill, swinging and swaying like I had ants in my pants — and feeling envious.

What was stopping me from going down there with the others? (Girls, mind you. It was all female at that point. Cuz we women aren’t afraid to dance with each other like you men are!) At one point, I almost jumped up and went for it. Who cares that they were strangers? They wouldn’t have. Neither would the crowd. But I kept my tushy parked, even when a surge of hundreds advanced on the stage when Keb’ started in with “She Just Wants to Dance.”

It brought back my memories of Club Soda. Me sitting alone (or in this case with my husband), wishing I had the inner strength or whatever it was I needed to just go for it. My pep-talk of, “Just do it, Lori.” And my internal sigh as I let the moment pass me by. No matter. It was a great show. A GREAT SHOW! Maybe next time I’ll finally let go of the inhibitions. (And maybe next time, Keb’ will give up his ban on photography. What’s up with that?)