Fruit on the bottom

Tonight’s dinner

As much as I love to cook, I don’t like to cook for just myself. It seems like too much effort to whip something up for little ole me, especially when I’m busy. So on nights when Scott isn’t around, I get lazy. I reach for the box of cereal, slap together a sandwich, or grab something else equally convenient. As you can see above.

Luckily he’s dining at Sam’s Oasis tonight and will be bringing me home some take-out that I can nibble on later (hummus!). That solves tomorrow’s lunch problem since I’ve gotten stuck eating in my client’s cafeteria lately, which isn’t a good thing. The company that staffs the place is still on the iceberg lettuce kick and thinks big hunks of meat are the best menu items. And I’m not usually motivated to get in my car and drive a few miles for better fare.