Journals for Baby Smith

When the social worker told us the other day that she doesn’t forsee any problems with our adoption, meaning the adoption study has gone well, I breathed a sigh of relief. Maybe this state of “suspension” we’ve been in is similar to what a pregnant couple experiences during the first trimester. Do we tell people? Or should we keep it to ourselves. Just in case.

For me, it was just in case they say, “Ha! You a parent?” There are so many forms to fill out, questions to answer, books to read, articles to peruse, things to reveal about yourself during this process that I just wasn’t sure if we’d cut it. So hearing those words was pretty wonderful. Now I can actually feel that, yes, we’re going to be parents — and we can share that with everyone. Although, admittedly, I think I already have.

So now our household will expand yet again. This time it won’t be another furry creature, lest you think we were starting our own zoo. No, this time it will be a baby boy or girl from Korea. Hooray!