Fiddles and a banjo

Up close and personal with catmint

We went to the new Forest Hills Fine Arts Center last night to catch Alison Brown and her quartet. It’s a great venue since basically every seat gives you a good view of the stage and the performers. Very intimate.

The opening act was an amazing group of high school musicians from the Ann Arbor area called the Saline Fiddlers. Talented. Animated. Fun. (And very perky.) I’m always a bit blown away when young musicians have such talent and presence. I think about myself at their age and can’t really fathom it.

I’d never listened to Alison Brown’s music before, but after seeing Bela Fleck last summer, I was up for another banjo player. She and her group were excellent. And they played with Andrea Zonn, who I’d also like to hear more of. They even did an awesome Crowded House cover.

I came away from the evening wanting to buy CDs by all three of the artists. But my husband kindly reminded me of all of the CDs we have now that we don’t listen to nearly enough. So I guess I’ll have to hold off.