In bloom

Flowers of a crabapple tree that graces our front yard

We moved into our house in June, when summer was more or less already in swing. It was the following spring, as we were driving around from here to there, that I began to notice all of these beautiful flowering trees everywhere we went. Seemed like everyone had a tree full of white, pink or red blossoms somewhere in their yard. The landscaping dreams of the new homeowner had taken root inside of me.

And that’s when the whine began: “I wish we had a pretty tree like that in our yard.” I’m sure I said this many times, in that wistful sort of way that I have. I’m sure, too, that I was getting on my husband’s nerves.

Then, a week or so after the last whine was uttered, I stepped out the front door one morning only to stop dead in my proverbial tracks.

There was a flowering tree right there in my own front yard.

I was so excited that I ran back inside and yelled, “We DO have a pretty tree in our yard! We do!” It apparently blooms a bit after some of the others have come out. But it’s a beautiful sight.

Now, every May, I wait with anticipation for the flowers on the tree to emerge. They’re only there for a couple of weeks so I like to pay them the proper homage. I probably look a bit like an idiot to my neighbors as I stand in my front yard, photographing the buds. But after all the fuss I made about my flowering tree, I’m darn well going to show it the appreciation it deserves.