Before and after

What does one do with a weed-filled area near the air conditioning unit?

After forcing the husband to hoe up the grass, she plants

Two hours. Six holes. Three bags of compost. Two bags of mulch. One still-to-be-completed bed.

It’s a start. It’s always a start when your yard is a blank canvas. I’m experimenting, sticking stuff here and there. I’m trying to spiff up the place since the grass itself isn’t the greenest and loveliest in the land. This small corner seemed like as good a place as any to plop in some flora. Especially since it was being overtaken by clover and there’s that totally unattractive A/C unit moored there. The husband was kind enough to do the hard labor on Sunday, earning some blisters for his efforts.

2 thoughts on “Before and after”

  1. Looking good! I’m realizing how crowded my garden is getting and I have some hostas (solid and varigated), astilbe, sedum, and lilies that I can spare. Come shopping at my garden center.

  2. Oooh…astilbe! That sounds good. I could probably put some more sedum to use in the side yard too. I need to put some of the other lilies in, but I’ll let you know if I could use some more. Thanks!

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