Mother’s little helpers

When the ladders appear, so do my girls

To make good on my project commitment, I dove right into things yesterday. Namely the painting tasks. And the minute I pulled out the ladder and step stool, I had myself some companions. They loved the dropcloth too. Anything they can do to get in my way they will. I feel pretty good about accomplishing just a small bit of the priming that I have on my docket. I can definitely say it was a productive day. For me — and maybe for them too.

Oh, and do you remember that board game from the early 70s (I’m dating myself here)? I know it was called Mother’s Little Helper, but I can’t find it anywhere on the web so maybe I’m imagining it. It was the layout of a house and you had to take your piece through all the rooms and do the chores until the house was clean. Good grief…what a great message to promote to a young pig-tailed girl about her future. I really thought it was the coolest thing when I was six. I guess my mom was trying to brainwash me.