My lovely new handmade purse arrived today courtesy of Heidi at My Paper Crane. I discovered her site through Loobylu. Both of these ladies are very talented in that crafty sort of way, which I’m not. Can’t sew. Can’t knit. Can’t draw. So I rely on people like them who create beautiful things that I can purchase through the convenience of the Internet. Thanks so much!

I happily toted my new purse to Schulers tonight for their FREE (yes, FREE) Friday music. Each week they bring in different artists to play for no charge. Tonight they delivered up the very talented Nova Scotian Dave Gunning and popular local folkie Drew Nelson. Whenever the annoyances of Grand Rapids start to get to me, I’m reminded that we do have a very cool music scene going on around here. The guys played wonderfully — it was such a nice way to put some of the frustrations of the past week behind me.