The things that parents know

Upside-down Emily

When you become a parent, you become a member of a club. One that has its own lingo and lore. So if you’re a non-parent, like me, there are times when you’re around these members and you just don’t understand the “speak.”

Like the other day when Jolene was telling me about her daughter’s new leos. It may seem completely obvious to a parent of a 7-year-old budding gymnast (or even the parent of a child who doesn’t long to leap and twirl…because they’re parents after all and that’s what matters), but it wasn’t obvious to me. Leotards? Oh…I get it. Yet another Duh! moment for Lori.

At least I had that specific bit of lingo down when we visited Emily’s gymnastics class last week. I was sitting among all of the “parents of budding gymnasts,” smiling with pride at our friend’s adorable daughter as she stretched and pranced around the gym. And when the word leo came up, I was proud to know just what they were referring to. Too bad there are many others like this that I still don’t grasp. I’ve got a bit of learning to do, I’d say.