Back to civilization

Gulls: St. Augustine, Florida

It figures that the temps here in Michigan would drop once we returned from our tropical trip. It’s March, though, and I fully expect that. I got my five-day boost of sunshine and breezes. It was lovely. Now it’s back to the chilly weather that may indeed give way to something warmer any day now. Maybe.

We’re all caught up with the Smith clan. It was fun. Especially the keystone-cops-like attempt to pick a restaurant for dinner on Sunday. I didn’t have siblings growing up so I’m definitely not used to the negotiations and mind-changing that go on when a group of relatives try to make a decision. Although we were irked at the time, I can now look back on our experience at Barnhill’s with affection. Leave it up to an 80-year-old man to choose a buffet-style restaurant for dinner!