Dead of winter slump

Softball season is still a long ways off

I was telling Kevin today during our coffee break that, although I love taking photos, I’ve been in a bit of a slump lately. When cold weather hits, I feel a bit stuck with what’s around me — the same old house, the same old rooms, and, no offense guys, but the same old pets. I’m just not as inclined to get outside and shoot when my fingers get iced over in mere seconds.

I reconsidered that as I prepped the pups for their daily dog park outing. I slung my camera bag over my shoulder and off we went. I got a few nice shots out of the 42 I took. I’ll continue to persevere. And I’ll try to shake myself out of macro mode (although it’s my favorite, can’t ya tell?). The park’s not always the best place to do that, though. Overhead looms an enormous, ugly blue water tower; around the perimeter are stacked dozens of 1950s and 60s style homes. Even when you get a nice shot of a tree on the hill, you have an ugly red bi-level to contend with.