Banana-oat muffins

Recipe from Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone by Deborah Madison

I really love to bake. Cooking is great, but there’s something more satisfying about baking for me. I get a kick out of watching balls of dough turn into crispy cookies, or a pan of risen dough brown into a soft, chewy bread. I think the measurements and ratios are what draw me to it. By nature, I like to be guided in my endeavors. I have a harder time just concocting something on the fly. As I cook more, I’m learning to be more spontaneous and creative about things and it’s becoming more enjoyable. But knowing that I need exactly a cup of flour to make the bread is somewhat comforting to me.

I hated to miss out on the baking up festive goodies this year, but I felt so crappy before the holiday that I decided to skip it. Now that I’ve perked up a bit, I’m excited about delving into some new bread recipes. I have a great one for Irish Soda Bread from this same cookbook that I’m dying to make. And these muffins turned out so well that I’ve already eaten two of them. Yum!