The magnificently cold mile

State and Washington

Shopping. It’s what Chicago’s about during the holidays, right? You’d think so with all of the Crate & Barrel, Eddie Bauer and Pottery Barn bags we were assaulted with. But Tiffany and I were more interested in exploring and snapping some photos. Some observations:

  • It was cold
  • Very cold
  • I’m convinced that The American Girl Place is some kind of cult — I’m just glad I’m not a part of it
  • If you’re wistful for a pretzel during the holiday season in Chicago, get your butt to the Christkindlmarkt
  • I kinda miss the annoying toy soldier who used to harrass me (and other passersby) out in front of FAO Schwartz
  • But I don’t miss the crazy line to get into that stupid store
  • Nor that horrible “Welcome to Our World of Toys” song that assaulted me the one time I went in there — and which is stuck in my head to this day
  • Mayor Daley’s latest holiday decor consists of throwing evergreen branches into all of the empty flowerbeds
  • I really admire the Salvation Army volunteers who cheerfully played their trumpets and saxophones under layers of scraves and mufflers
  • Gee, I’m sorry we missed Gene Simmons’ appearance at the Virgin store
  • No wonder Starbucks is taking over the world — hello tourists, there are other coffee shops in Chicago!
  • Crate & Barrel is no place to be on a Saturday just two weeks before Christmas
  • The Inkwell has been replaced by a Subway (the shame)
  • Peabo Bryson and Sheena Easton are headlining at the Chicago Theater this month — get your tickets while they last!
  • Tiffany was a good sport to hang out with a sniffly, coughy, not-over-this-whatever-sickness-this-is girl
  • I was damn glad to come home to a big cap full of NyQuil
  • It was cold

5 thoughts on “The magnificently cold mile”

  1. I didn’t shop. It was closed because it was morning.

    It’s so weird that you go to these places that I go to. A lot.

  2. Actually, I only go a few times a year. This year we were able to visit more. Grand Rapids is a pretty boring place, ya know. We’re all itching for some fun and excitement ’round here!

  3. Check out American Girl dolls at this link:

    This page shows you the historical dolls. Every doll stars in her own book set in her time period. They’re quite good. Preschool and school age girls love ’em.

    Every time we’ve gone to Chicago my girls and I (with doll companions) have had tea at the American Girl Place. It’s inexplicably magical.
    And definitely not a cult! 🙂

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