Expressing my thanks…

Fall berries in the front yard

My husband doesn’t always think I’m appreciative enough of the things he does for me. So I thought I’d broadcast my gratitude for some of his recent good deeds. Thank you, honey for:

  • Filling up the gas tank in my car the other night
  • Taking the dogs to the park when I didn’t feel like it on Monday
  • Bringing home waffles so I wouldn’t starve this morning
  • Being nice to Pete even though he’s still afraid of you half the time
  • Not making too much fun of me when I flooded the laundry room last night
  • Letting me interrupt you several times when you’re reading
  • Giving me full control of the TV on Thursday nights
  • Downloading the new REM CD from iTunes
  • Not complaining when I made orzo for like the fifth time in the last two weeks
  • Agreeing to go to my mom’s for Christmas for the 10th year in a row…I owe you one
  • Making me apple cider on a regular basis

There are many more, of course, but I wouldn’t want him to get a big head about it!