1 out of 5 drivers knows how to operate a vehicle

What happens when you leave a poor, defenseless pumpkin on the front stoop

I’m pretty sure my biggest pet peeve has to do with other drivers. Yes, I make mistakes on occasion. Everyone does. But don’t you sometimes wonder about the majority of the driver’s license holders who share the roadways with you? C’mon, how many times does the four-way stop actually go smoothly? Every day at the corner of Spaulding and Ada Drive, I can count on at least one person cutting someone else off.

Then there are the people who seem intent on pulling out in front of me, even though I’m the last car in the line. All they would have to do is wait another four seconds for me to go past and they’d be free and clear. But no.

The other one that’s been bugging me lately is the newest obsession with not wanting to stop. For anything. You know, it’s not legal to pull into the other lane to pass a car that’s turning right. It’s not and it never has been. Yet everybody’s doing it. A guy in front of me pulled that manuever the other day and almost hit a car coming from the other direction.

I think it all has to do with patience. No one wants to wait, to slow down, to — heaven forbid — use the brake. My holiday wish this year isn’t going to be for world peace, cuz that seems about impossible these days. Instead, I’ll wish for world patience. Fellow drivers, may you find wisdom in taking a deep, relaxing breath and simply slowing down. That may indeed be a first step to peace. At least on the roads here in Grand Rapids.