Alcoholic goodness

So good it required a photo; Vancouver : August 2003

I had a martini once. At the Blue Angel in Chicago on a cold, rainy afternoon. My friend Mark ordered an entree that actually included your choice of a free drink. The martini was one of the options. The one sip I took made me swear off that drink forever. Ick! (No offense to the bartender, of course.)

When we popped into the Brass Monkey during our last evening in Vancouver, I was presented with a hefty list of martinis. Based on my history, my first reaction was to just say no. But some of the combinations sounded tempting. Alas, I can’t remember what this lovely ruby concoction is called, but it involved cranberries and raspberries. Yum! I’ve visited our local martini spot, Bisto Bella Vita, but turned my nose up at the martinis in favor of a glass of wine. Next time I’m going for the Cosmopolitan.