Not enough time on my hands

The first thing I see each morning…drat!

How am I supposed to get everything done? I just don’t think it’s possible. There’s the old complaint about not enough time in a day. Now, as a responsible, gotta-work-to-make-a-living adult, I get it. My to-do list for this weekend is way too long for the number of hours I have allotted to accomplish it all. Not fair! And when it comes to focusing on a task, I go off in all directions. I start cleaning the kitchen, get distracted by something in the bedroom, which then distracts me to something in the office, which leads to the basement. I leave behind a trail of unfinished things…brooms in the kitchen, catalogs to be recycled just sitting on the bed, unpainted doors, half-unloaded dishwashers, this darn site that has plenty of work left on it. It’s all just hanging there. Calgon, take me away!