Big House Red

Only $11.99 at your local grocer

I like wine. Although I couldn’t tell you anything insightful about the flavors or bouquet. In fact, I recently felt like a completely unsophisticated Michigander (even given my five years in Chicago) when the waiter at my fave Greek restaurant poured me a glass for my approval. (The Skouras ’99 Merlot, which was excellent, that much I know.) I mean, what are you supposed to do in that situation, give him a rundown of the taste sensation on your palate? And just forget sniffing the cork. What does that mean, anyway?

But I can certainly take a sip of a wine and tell you should it stay or should it go. The Ca’ del Solo Big House Red is definitely a keeper in our house. It’s become my favorite go-to for a nice, tasty red. And it doesn’t hurt that it has such a cool label. Embarassingly enough, I think that’s really how I choose my wines. Cool label? Get in the cart, you sexy bottle!