I’ve lived in Michigan nearly all my life, yet somehow I’ve never managed to visit the lakeshore during the winter. This weekend the idea struck me for some reason. And when I brought it up to Scott he told me he’d actually been thinking the same thing. So planned it and made it happen. Grand Haven decked out in snow. And ice. And wind. Lots of wind.


We did NOT walk out on the pier like these people did, much to Dev’s chagrin. We watched parents take their kids out, but there was NO WAY I was going to do that. Ice, people. Ice is slippery. And there’s a frigid lake right there waiting to suck you in. Boots, winter coats and all. OK, yes, I’m a bit paranoid. But I have a kid, which gives me certain rights to access paranoia when it’s called for.

Dev did get plenty of face time with the ice and snow, though.

Of course I’m not much better than those other parents because I was cluelessly wandering on the icy stuff here not realizing that the beach had ended and we were climbing around on top of frozen Lake Michigan. Scott had to point that out to me and tell me to get my butt back on shore.

And my paranoia kicked in again when he started throwing snowballs right near the iced-over railing. Which drops into the channel. Of frigid, deathly water. He thought we were being very over-protective. But he was nice enough to back away a bit before lobbing the next one.