Day 2 of the Up North vacation


Even given all of the beautiful views and fun activities that are part of a vacation, some of my favorite memories often end up being the dining experiences. The grilled cheese in the previous post, for example, knocked my socks off. As did the small outdoor patio that faced Glen Arbor’s main street and was populated by the three of us, all relaxed and happy and full of good food. So I’m fast forwarding to the end of Day 2 when we at at Pangeas Pizza (pictured toward the bottom). Scott opted to split a gluten-free pizza with me that was so, so tasty. And the syrah was pretty perfect. Not to mention the adorable husky that was tied up near his owners and kept peeking into the deck area for attention. Devin was very happy about that.

But I’ll go back to the beginning now. We started out our day at the History Center, just a few blocks from our hotel and a nice walk. We hadn’t planned the visit, but as we drove into TC the evening before, there were dozens of banners strung from the light poles advertising a Lego carnival of all things. My hope that Dev wouldn’t see them was for naught. And it turned out to be an nice time, other than Scott accidentally tripping on the stairs and putting his hand out to steady himself on a sharp staple.

We then headed up to the peninsula, stopping for a brief visit at Black Star Farms. We’d done a day trip to this area a few years ago and I loved the livestock portion of this winery. But when we tried to get a simple sandwich for the kiddo, we didn’t have much luck, so we didn’t stay long.

Then, after a quick lunch stop at The Cove in Leland, we headed to Van’s Beach, which we’d also discovered on our last trip. Devin loved it. It’s fairly secluded so nice and quiet. He donned his snorkle and goggles and swam along the shore while Scott and I kicked back in our comfy chairs. Afterward we explored Fish Town, then made our way north toward the Grand Traverse Lighthouse.

It was nice and scenic and there was another beach for throwing rocks. That’s really all the kid needs to be happy. Water and rocks. This was our fourth beach in two days, but he had the gall the next day to complain that we didn’t spend enough time at the beach on the trip. Harrumph!

After our tour of the peninsula, we went back to TC for our pizza adventure and then Dev capped off the day in another body of water – the hotel pool.

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