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So there was this Festival thing


I’m not sure why I never blogged about this HUGE event. The old Lori, who blogged all the time and was loyal to her site, would have regularly updated about the ins and outs of planning something like this. But now there’s Facebook, Instagram (as you can see), Twitter and all sorts of other social media channels. I shared on those, yes, but I didn’t really document this the way I could have – or should have.

It was a big deal. Three crazy days of joyful mayhem in downtown Grand Rapids. Twenty-six food booths. Six stages. 250+ performers. So much great art. Something like 12,000 volunteers (thank YOU to all of them!). Way more press appearances than I would have liked (I’m shy). And lots and lots of details to decide on and manage.

I wanted to be a behind-the-scenes reporter during the past year to share with people just what it takes to make Festival of the Arts happen. I wanted to. But I always felt squeezed for time. Just fitting in the planning itself took a lot. Two substantial meetings a month, extra meetings with my co-chair (Carlos!) regularly, small group meetings that gobbled up much of March. Then there’s the full-time job thing. And the MOM-AND-WIFE thing.

But I really could just kick myself (lightly) for not being more attentive to the recording of this. Luckily I have some nice photos to freeze some of those moments in time. Maybe in my next post I’ll share my non-Instagram memories.

What I will say is that it was an awesome experience. I met so many new, cool people. I learned sooooo much. And, when June 7 rolled around, I was just amazed at the weather and the crowds and the smiles that seemed to be on everyone’s faces as I walked around. I’m very thankful for the opportunity to do this. Thank you to all of my Festival friends. And thank you to my very understanding husband and son. Smooch!