In the garden



I declare the first day of Memorial Day weekend to have been completely awesome.

We did nothing special.

In fact we never left the house. Except for a trip to Lowe’s to get lumber. Does that count as special?

I pulled weeds, which most people would definitely say is not a special activity.

My mom and L visited, which, OK, was indeed special. I love my mom.

Scott dug a really deep hole in the yard. I guess you could count that as special, too, although he may not feel that way since the entire project took forever and he was sweating and grunting through a lot of it.

I filled containers with plants and seeds. I did the dishes. I walked the dog. I did laundry and made beds. I swept up the dirt that we kept tracking inside. I chatted with the neighbors. I watched a Netflix movie with my kid. I finished reading a book (about zombies!) to him on the deck – with lanterns and blankets – before starting another book (about a 10-year-old with genetic abnormalities), which made him giggle with several references to farts and tushes. The reading thing in hindsight does seem special.

I think the awesomeness simply comes from having such a gorgeous day laid out before me to enjoy being with my family and accomplishing things without feeling rushed and overwhelmed.

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