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Slow food


Being gluten free isn’t necessarily a very easy lifestyle to lead.

Is it healthier? So they say. I’m hearing nothing but bad things about wheat these days. But you also have to make an effort to find gluten-free foods that have fiber in them. And they often don’t have the B vitamins as their wheat counterparts. Plus, because it’s more of a niche market at this point when it comes to cookbooks and recipes online, it can be hard to find options that aren’t filled with fat and sugar. (How people lose weight on this diet is beyond me.) It’s either full-on butter and oil or the absolutes of clean eating, which is more abrupt than I’m ready to go right now.

I just want Cooking Light with no gluten. Hee.

But the hardest part is the darn flour. You have to have several on hand. On top of that, most of them call for being refrigerated or frozen to stay fresh. I have so many bags of flours in my refrigerator right now that I can’t fit my leftovers in there anymore! And? I don’t even have all the flours things call for. I’ll look at a recipe and I’ll have two of the three. It’s not a simple solve to just sub in another one either. There’s a lot of balancing that goes in for texture, flavor and other chemistry-type calculations to get things just right. My head. It is spinning.

So my baking is sparse at this point. I felt so accomplished producing these oatmeal chocolate chip cookies this past weekend. Along with some roasted turkey meatballs made with GF breadcrumbs for dinner that night. I’ll figure out some more items soon, I’m sure. One step at a time.