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Two days away


What did we do in Chicago for two days?

  • We braved the cold
  • We visited the Museum of Science & Industry (and bought a model of the U-505 u-boat because that’s the newest obsession)
  • We ate at Lou Malnati’s, where mom had a very nice gluten-free pizza
  • We got up at 5:15 on Wednesday morning because, well, because
  • We took the subway, of course
  • We got off at Clark & Division and walked up Clark, counting the many, many, many taxis that passed by; mom lost the contest
  • We stopped at Starbucks because it wasn’t yet 9:30 so we had some time to kill
  • We went to the Chicago History Museum (which opens at 9:30, you see) and checked out tons of cool exhibits – including the Vivian Maier exhibit, which I had no idea was there…so cool!
  • We walked through Lincoln Park along the nature boardwalk
  • We (well, he) threw ice at the pond to see if it would break the ice on the surface
  • We went to the Farm in the Zoo and said hi to the cows
  • We grabbed a quick lunch at the Lincoln Park Zoo and then saw tamarins, chimpanzees, gorillas, lynx, tortoises, sand cats, giraffes and, always a hit, meerkats
  • We walked many, many, many blocks just so we could ride the el
  • We got Garrett’s popcorn and a salad from Au Bon Pain
  • We spent three hours hanging out at the hotel because we were tired and cold and the bed was comfy
  • We visited P.O.S.H. on the way to the Lego Store, where we managed to leave without getting a single item (miracle!) – although he’s still pouting about that
  • We got on the train again and rode all the way to Howard and then double-backed to the Berwyn exit
  • We met up with Archie and Diana for dinner at Lady Gregory’s (big thumb’s up!)
  • We got a ride back to our hotel and promptly went to bed
  • We checked out of the hotel the next morning
  • We met up with my cousin Pat and his daughter
  • We went to the Sears Tower (I will not call it that new thing) and the kiddo and my cousins went out on the glass walkway thingy while I firmly refused
  • We walked around trying to find Union Station
  • We found Union Station after getting hot cocoa
  • We went to Chinatown and had to find a bathroom post haste
  • We ate at Joy Yee, which was pretty tasty
  • We drove home (phew!)

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